Dr Rick Schlederer, Chiropractor

photo Credit: Kathryn partridge

At the age of 14 years, after having his first Chiropractic treatment, Dr Rick was inspired and realised he had found his true calling in life. He was amazed by the results and how good he felt afterwards and believed that this was an amazing gift that must be shared.

Dr Rick graduated from Macquarie University with a Science degree in 1996 and followed on to achieve his Masters of Chiropractic in 1998.

Achieving one of the highest Certified N.E.T practitioner status along with training both in Australia and the USA. Dr Rick’s cutting edge techniques provide the highest quality of treatments delivered with a gentle, calm and efficient approach.

Dr Rick’s expertise has been shared with patients from all backgrounds including celebrities, professional sports people, individuals and families.

"Your health is the most important asset you possess and we understand that it is a team effort to achieve Better Balance".
- Dr Rick Schlederer (Principal Chiropractor)

Dr Simone Bosman, Chiropractor

Dr Simone Bosman is an experienced chiropractor with over 14 years of clinical experience. 

She uses a holistic approach when addressing pain and imbalance in the body. She understands that diet and emotions are just as important to address as the musculoskeletal system. She uses modalities such as sacro-occipital techniques, deep facial releases, acupuncture, kinesiology, naturopathy and homeopathy. 

A major focus in her treatment plan will be on your diet as this plays a major role in your gut health. Your gut has major implications on your immune system, your energy, hormone balance, disease prevention and silent inflammation, manifesting as an inability to heal. She is particularly interested in coaching patients with stomach, allergy and bowel issues.

Simone has a passion for psychology and loves to help work with her patients through their stressful life situations and events. She uses a technique called N.E.T to locate and assist in reducing the impact of emotional blockages that can cause dis-ease in your body or body functions.

Simone also works on alignment of your body and uses her skills to locate imbalance and tension built up in the muscles and joints. She understands that everybody’s comforts and needs are different. She is gentle and suited to all ages and is skilled in gentle techniques like Activator and S.O.T.

Simone is a big advocate for correcting postural imbalance as this can affect so many body systems and in particular your energy. Exercise and rehabilitation of problematic postures is essential for good health and function. She has a very practical way of dealing with your health issue and provides a lot of support in a caring and gentle manner. You will quickly see how dedicated and passionate she is in supporting you in achieving your health goals.

Dr Natasha Nixon, Chiropractor

Natasha.Nixon image.jpeg

Dr. Natasha Nixon is a holistically trained practitioner who combines a synergistic blend of diverse therapies to address underlying issues to health and well-being.

Natasha’s love of the human body began at an early age. From the age of 2, ballet and all things dance were a strong passion. Natasha sought Chiropractic care following a hamstring tear and instantly realised the amazing benefits of Chiropractic. The synergy between dance and Chiropractic allowed her to perform at her peak, whilst also educating on how the body functions.

Natasha graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelors of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic. She has a strong interest in pregnancy care, paediatrics and applied psychology.

Natasha uses a variety of techniques to provide safe, effective and gentle care to all her clients. Techniques that she incorporates into her treatments include manual adjustments, TPT, soft tissue work, activator method, neuro-emotional technique and dry needling. She also incorporates a range of rehabilitation exercises, nutritional advice and functional neurology to provide her clients with holistic care assisting them in reaching their health goals.

This integrated approach aims to support a healthy brain and body by restoring a balance between the structural, functional, neurological and psychological. People report a sense of well-being, balance and a calm feeling resulting in the reduction or elimination of inflammation, pain, excessive degeneration and the restoration of proper body function.

De-Anne Joseph, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy & NLP

De-Anne is extremely passionate about holistic health and wellbeing working with her clients to link the emotional, physical and biochemical elements into alignment. This allows the body to powerfully renew and function at it’s optimal level for increased energy and self-healing. She is a practitioner and Educator of PKP Kinesiology, a practitioner in Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Ayurveda and Auriculotherapy.

De-Anne has particular interest in working within the area of Stress management, Sabotage, Limiting decision and beliefs, Quit Smoking, Weight loss and Personal performance.

As a working mother of two children she understands the vital importance of support in helping reduce anxiety and stress, whilst improving energy levels, motivation and inspiration.

Her purpose is to support you in your journey so you can enjoy optimal health, abundance and a better quality of life. To be a catalyst and help you tap into and unleash your potential.

Previous to her career in health & wellness De-Anne worked for 15 years in the busy and often stressful corporate Marketing and Advertising world with large corporations in Australia and in the UK for brands such as Audi, Network Ten & Visa.

De-Anne is at Better Balance Chiropractic (Double Bay) on Wednesday’s 11am – 7pm and Friday's 11am - 4pm. Bookings can be made for either 1.5 hr or 1 hr sessions depending on what is required. 

Health fund rebates for Kinesiology may also apply.


  • Diploma of Kinesiology (PKP)
  • Accredited Instructor Foundation Principles of PKP Kinesiology and Kinesiology for High-level Wellness & Vitality
  • Certificate Hypnosis
  • Master Practitioner & Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP & Neurological Re-patterning
  • Time Line Therapy®
  • Certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Certificate IV Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
  • Touch for Health Certificates I - IV
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage & Certificate Sports Massage & Trigger Point Therapy
  • Certified Resonate Essences Practitioner
  • Certificate Auriculotherapy
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor
  • Bachelor of Business (Queensland University of Technology)


  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)


Diana Nguyen, Remedial Massage Therapist

Diana Nguyen is a remedial massage therapist and energy healer. She has recently worked in the corporate world as a generalist commercial lawyer, with experience in private practice and head of legal for Australia and New Zealand in a global IT company.

After a number of years in this profession, Diana realised that she needed to do something more in her life – ever since she was a child she had always wanted to do something that really benefited people, and working in corporate didn’t have the effect that she had expected.

Throughout her corporate career, Diana experienced a lot of stress which eventually manifested itself in her physical body and as a result, she became an avid client of kinesiology, remedial massage and biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Natural therapies changed Diana’s way of thinking about life and it is a passion that she now wishes to bring to clients – to empower them to live the life they deserve.

Each massage session with Diana is unique as she tunes into the requirements of the client’s body, mind and spirit. Diana’s main focus in working with people is to really understand the underlying cause of the pain or issue that her client is experiencing. She incorporates a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and positional release therapy.  

Diana holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, certifications in Reiki I & II, Seichim I and CST 1 & 2 (with Patricia Farnsworth). She is currently studying the Diploma of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Roger Gilchrist and the Diploma of Energy Healing at the Awareness Institute. Diana also has experience massaging the Roosters NRL team.

In her personal life, Diana likes to keep fit by heading to the gym, doing yoga and meditation. She is also an avid sports fan and likes to watch a range of sports from cricket, AFL to Formula 1.


Sarah McLean, Practice Manager


Sarah has been having chiropractic adjustments for over 10 years and has a strong belief in the physical, emotional and spiritual connection which is what drew her to start working at Better Balance Chiropractic. 

After 5 years working in Marketing, Sarah's own health experience, along with her passion and interest in health and wellness has led her to enter this industry. She is currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Counselling.

Besides her passion for health and wellness, Sarah loves to travel and enjoys the beach, bush walks and quality time spent with the people she loves. 

Anita Houlahan, Reception


Anita joined our team after relocating from Brisbane earlier this year to pursue a career change from hairdressing to holistic healthcare and is currently studying a double Diploma in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine. In her spare time you'll find Anita on a long walk along the beach, meditating in the park or curled up in the corner of a local cafe, sipping a cappuccino absolutely enthralled in a good book.



Anett Gallagher, Reception

Anett spent the past few years in corporate working long hours, highly stressed and eating a poor diet. Turning to natural therapies to start healing, this sparked an interest in learning and a deep desire to help others.  She is currently studying a BHSc in Naturopathy and Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy. When she’s not studying, Anett loves to cook, visit the farmers markets, practice yoga and travel.