At Better Balance Chiropractic we provide comprehensive healthcare services using a combination of Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Massage and Natural Medicine.

Founded by leading Chiropractor Dr Rick Schlederer B.Sc (Macq), M.Chiro (Macq),  Better Balance Chiropractic has 2 clinics conveniently located within the heart of the Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs. With Chiropractors Dr Natasha Nixon B.ChiroSc (Macq), M.Chiro (Macq), Dr Simone Bosman B.Sc (Macq), M.Chiro (Macq) and De-Anne Joseph (Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist) Dip.Kin, Cert.Hypnotherapy delivering exceptional care, the team at Better Balance Chiropractic are all here for you and your family.

With over 19 years of clinical experience, Better Balance Chiropractic has extensive interest in providing a wide spectrum of Vitalistic techniques and therapies to help you and your family achieve your optimum health & wellness goals.

All treatments at Better Balance Chiropractic are conducted in a safe, modern and ethical environment which encourages trust, development and results. Our treatments incorporate physical, chemical and emotional factors whereby an experienced practitioner will look for the cause of illness rather than treating the effect or symptoms, resulting in treating the whole person and not parts (Vitalism).


“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”  ~Plato~